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Stylish protection for your mobile device.

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Ultrathin PP Ultra Thin PP Matte Skin Case Back Cover For Samsung galaxy s23 s24 plus ultra




The most prominent feature of this shell is the ultra-thin feel. The ones on Tuya Rabbit have better details in the ultra-thin shells. Although there are advantages and disadvantages, it is generally recommended for everyone to experience it.


Thin to about 0.45mm, light to about 6-8g

Thin, thin, still thin, feel good

The shell has a curvature to maximize the feel of the real phone

Matte material, not easy to leave fingerprints, dry

PP material does not turn yellow

Independent hole position, the camera is higher than the edge protection

All inclusive, including the bezel around the phone


1,Because it is thin and not anti-fall, it is better to use it carefully.

2, the whole package is relatively tight, and it is not so convenient to disassemble.

3. There will be a little parting line on the side, try to make it as small as possible.

4. Because the PP material is hard, the keys need to be hollowed out, and the keys will be affected a bit when pressed.

5. In order to cover the entire frame, the shell will not be exposed, so the top speaker will be covered a little, and the actual measurement will hardly affect the sound.

Note: When disassembling, it should be disassembled from both ends of the bottom. First disassemble one side, then disassemble the other side. You can also disassemble it while wrapping it with cloth, which will not hurt the shell. We are not responsible for the damage of the shell due to disassembly. .




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